“This Poetry Kiosk activity would encourage the acceptance of this idea by other poets across Canada, who can then install in pubic settings their own poetry kiosks, display a selection of poems of their choice and in this way, circulate their work. Thus, we Canadians can explore the extent of our poetry.”

George Elliott Clarke
The Canadian Parliamentary Poet Laureate (2016-17)

The Poetry Kiosk is a place where the poet can share his or her work in a public space. It can be a bus stop, a phone booth, in fact, any public location in which the work can be distributed. Works may take the form of paper documents, spoken word, or video. Each city or town will form their own projects to best represent their unique circumstances.

This project provides a platform for giving the individual a voice, expanding their role in a democratic society. The idea of a kiosk attracts the public to the process of active writing within the author’s community. Let’s share our ideas with those around us.